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What We Do

Client Velocity believes in the power of your company. That’s why we have built the world’s most powerful methodology for accelerating your growth. Our services are deployed by leaders at every level from director to CEO to design and deploy high-performing playbooks that radically reduce churn, accelerate sales, and reignite your growth.

Analysis & Strategy

We use our proprietary analytical tools to deeply understand the causes of churn, and identify the biggest opportunities to drive rapid growth.


Deeply understand the causes of churn, and align every activity in the company to reduce churn and reignite growth.


The Challenge of Sustaining Growth

The Growth Trap

At the root of all growth problems is a faulty mental model. We think in terms of selling more and churning less. When sales slows down and churn shoots up, we consistently ask the wrong questions: Why do customers buy? Why do customers leave? It seems obvious that the answers to these questions will right the ship. Unfortunately, all too often companies spend months and years working in this mode only to find themselves stuck in a cycle of intractable deceleration. It’s a trap in which the very things companies instinctively do invariably make the problem worse. But there is a way out…

The solution begins with the one simple question that lies at the heart of reigniting growth: Why do customers stay? Seriously seeking an answer to this vital question is the foundation of a durable and endlessly renewable growth strategy. The Client Velocity methodology begins by applying our unique analytical tools to answer this question with precision. This diagnosis is the starting place for a robust new growth strategy that simultaneously reduces churn and accelerates sales.

Why Do Customers Stay?

Breaking Through

It’s time to face the fact that the conventional methods don’t work. If they did, the existing processes would already be performing adequately. Doing more or less of what you have already been doing isn’t going to break you out of the stagnation. What you need is a break through – something totally new and different that transforms your capacity to drive customer results. Escaping the growth trap requires a completely new approach.

You Need A Methodology

We’ve all been there… In our efforts to fight churn we throw time, money, and people at the problem. We hire new leaders in hopes they will bring experience that will make the difference. We buy expensive new software platforms that promise results from better tracking and management. We go to conferences in search of those key ideas that could transform our results. We make some limited progress, but over time, our customer results don’t significantly improve. What’s missing? What will make the difference?

What Is A Customer Methodology?

A Customer Methodology is a deep understanding of the customers’ success dynamics combined with a structured process for consistently driving customer bonding. A “health score” is not a methodology. Segmentation, touch cadences, customer training, adoption campaigns, and webinars are not methodologies. These are merely actions, usually applied haphazardly, and typically offering little or no leverage against customer outcomes. A methodology is the key to leveraging all your resources: people, tools, knowledge.


A customer methodology integrates every activity of the company to drive exceptionally high retention and expansion.


A methodology is a structured process, which makes it consistent, repeatable and scalable.


A methodology is not generic but is built on a specific understanding of the customers’ success and business processes.


A methodology enables measurement of actions and consequences, which means it can be continuously improved.


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