Free Guide to Success Analysis

Radically transforming your customer success results begins with a new perspective. Rather than continue to spin your wheels asking why customers are cancelling, start instead by asking why they are staying. This free online guide provides a simple method for quickly answering this essential question, and opening the door to powerful new actions your team can take to break through.

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Success Starts with Asking The Right Question

Stop Studying Failure!

Problems in Customer Success begin with asking the wrong questions. In trying to drive higher retention, we often start by asking: Why are our customers leaving? But there is a profound flaw in this question that inevitably undermines our efforts to improve our results.

The problem is that this question looks for the answer to success in the wrong place, by studying failed customers. Customers always have a reason to leave, but then why do so many stay? When you do an “exit analysis” you are just studying failure. That’s why the most important answer can never be found there.

Why Do Customers Stay?

This is the ultimate question – not just for customer success – but for the entire business. Customers always have plenty of reasons to cancel. None of our products are perfect, and all of them cost money. Every company has friction and issues with its offerings. So then why don’t all the customers leave? The answer is because they don’t leave until they no longer have a compelling reason to stay. So the solution to customer retention is to figure out precisely why your customers stay and to build a complete customer process that focuses on driving those results for the customer.

Start Studying Success

When we sincerely begin to seek the actual answers to this question it will lead us to extremely valuable new understanding that will guide all the company’s efforts from marketing and sales, to customer success, and even to product.

That’s why we’ve produced this free guide to conducting a success analysis. Using this simple step-by-step process will quickly yield valuable new insights. And this is not some academic exercise. These insights are immediately actionable by you and your team to stop wasting time on activities and client interactions that don’t work, and start focusing-in on the exact interventions that drive radical improvements in your customers’ results – and therefore in your retention and expansion!

Customers leave when they no longer have a reason to stay.