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Growth & Customer Churn

Is Your Company Customer Centric?

Nearly all companies say that they are customer-centric. But this simply can’t be true. In spite of often high NPS scores and other customer satisfaction indicators, far too many companies are stuck in a cycle of tepid growth and unsustainable levels of customer churn. If being customer centric isn’t about making your customers happy, then what is it about?

Asking The Wrong Questions

The confusion stems from a simple error in how we frame the key questions of growth. In our quest for growth we commonly ask two fundamental questions: “Why do customers join?”, and “Why do customers leave?” Both questions are completely logical and intuitive. We expect that answering these questions – by working to maximize sales and minimize churn – will lead to durable growth. But it’s a trap.

The Growth Trap

The economics of SaaS is brutal, and growth stagnation is inevitable. The pattern is virtually universal: After a period of initial exponential growth, sales eventually slows while at the same time churn increases. This is the Growth Trap from which very few companies emerge. Attempts to address both issues separately wastes precious time and resources, while invariably producing little or no improvement.

Conventional Methods Don’t Work

In fact, applying conventional methods to the problem usually makes the problems worse. Customer attrition nearly always gets progressively more severe as improvements are made to the customer experience – and even as customer satisfaction rises. This counter-intuitive result should be taken as a clear signal that there are more fundamental underlying causes driving both customer churn and slowing sales.

Why Do Customers Stay?

The solution begins with the one simple question that lies at the heart of reigniting growth: Why do customers stay? Growth in any subscription/recurring business model depends primarily on answering this question. It explains how a company can have high customer satisfaction and churn at the same time. And it immediately gets to the true underlying cause of both rising churn and slowing sales. Seriously seeking an answer to this vital question is the foundation of a durable and endlessly renewable growth strategy.

Building The Perpetual Growth Machine

Reversing growth stagnation is never a matter of simply improving the customer experience or efforts to accelerate sales. The problem is misalignment: within the company, and more importantly with the customer. In fact, it is the failure to align precisely to the customers’ success formula that drives internal misalignment and friction.

High retention, expansion, and growth happen when all parts of your business are acting in perfect alignment with your customers’ success formula.

Client Velocity Consulting

The Client Velocity Consulting Methodology is a highly structured process designed to correctly diagnose the fundamental underlying causes driving increasing churn and slowing growth, build a new strategic framework precisely aligned to your customers’ success formula, and implement high-performing and scalable playbooks.


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Transform Your Growth

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The Power of Methodology

Companies that have implemented the Client Velocity methodology have experienced radical transformations in their customer success performance.


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“The Client Velocity Playbook enabled us to reverse our escalating churn and close new accounts faster and for more money.” – Jeff Moss, Dir. of Customer Success, SalesRabbit